Provider Participation Criteria

Embright has a number of requirements for network participation that support quality of care and service as well as a supportive working relationship with our network partners.

These requirements include the following:

  1. Meet all credentialing and recredentialing requirements.
  2. Maintain capacity and an open panel to accept new Embright patients.
  3. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to deliver quality and efficient medical care.
  4. Participate in all Embright contracts, except as agreed to and approved by Embright.
  5. Agree to participate in quality assurance activities and the exchange of data related to quality and service measurement.
  6. Notify Embright of demographic changes, as needed.
  7. Maintain the ability to report performance on applicable quality metrics in an agreed-upon format.
  8. Have prior participation in risk agreements.
  9. Establish a strong track record of collaboration.
  10. Show experience in developing and complying with condition-specific care paths, and demonstrated experience in participating in the analysis and use of data in addressing utilization and cost of care (eg. utilization per 1000, cost per unit and cost per episode analysis).
  11. Possess the ability to exchange clinical information electronically.